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Boutique Day Spa at Poco Diablo Resort

In this day and age, everything seems to spin around faster and faster, yet it is important for us to find our own balance and take care of our physical and mental health. With the constant presence of cell phones, tablets, computers, and other technology that is designed to save time and make our lives easier, we sometimes get lost in the abundance of it. This lack of time sometimes dictates the brushing off of the little aches and pains with the hopes that they too shall pass.

Enjoy a relaxing facial.

The Spa at Poco Diablo Resort

In fact, the compound effect of the little incoherencies in our bodies takes a large toll down the road. For example, those who have a desk job, and spend a lot of their time in front of the computers, know all too well the tension that is gathered in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Add a few years to the equation without any solutions, and you get a constant aching reminder to take care of your body. As the muscle learns new “unnatural” behaviors, it gets harder for it to re-learn. What comes with time, goes with time – such is the complexity of our bodies.

Classic Swedish Massage at Poco Diablo Resort

Classic Swedish Massage at Poco Diablo Resort

The emergence of the Boutique Day Spas, like The Spa at Poco Diablo, seems to correspond to this “no time” trend, and brings a little more balance into our busy lives with a more down-to earth and service-centered approach that doesn’t take away too much time from your busy schedule.

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Generally, the friendly and cozy atmosphere of boutique spas starts off your visit right, whether it is just a massage or a facial, or a whole Spa Day. Avoiding the overwhelm of large Spa gift shops and too many people, the main focus of boutique spas is generally on service and your relaxation. We, at the Spa at Poco Diablo, certainly take a personal approach to your visit, to help you take a step back, breathe and re-center. We also take care to wisely choose cruelty free, organic and natural products, giving you the best quality. Our Spa is perfectly located poolside at Poco Diablo Resort, a sort of a perk some boutique spas feature and most guests take advantage of.

The Spa at Poco Diablo Resort

So, remember that even with the time constraints, while we are tempted to say “I feel OK”, relaxation is paramount. Make some time for yourself by checking out some boutique spas in your area, and come say hello to us next time you’re in Sedona!

Written by Olya Eysmont.

Spa Staff



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